The world is continually becoming more interconnected, so that rules for preserving natural resources and sharing them globally need to be instigated before there gets to be conflicts that could have been averted.  Rich countries obviously need to lead in this movement.  Greed will only breed malcontent.  Read Jared Diamond's book, "Collapse."

Rich people cheating on their taxes - paying as little as 17% on their earnings - are pathetic.  If you are earning lots of money in the USA, where one can be relatively sure of a safe life, please help to keep it that way.  The US needs to refurbish its infrastructure, provide good health care for MOST of its citizens and support more education and the arts.  Why wouldn't someone want to support this?  Taxes do help.


Over 200 years ago, among the many gripes of the not yet americans was to have separation of church and state.  Possibly that was to be able to practice business more freely, but it served as well to let people practice their religion of choice.

Nowadays some fundamentalists - of all religions - have problems when certain topics are taught in schools and it conflicts with their views of life.  Actually, since religion is a rather important human subject, it should simply be taught for a semester in all schools, enabling students to get an overall view of the different religions.  That is where history, ethics and morals can be discussed, leaving biology more freedom.