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Landis' bio

I grew up in an American suburban environment that supports no comment, apart from the fact that I attended middle school in northern Alabama, a setting I thank for introducing me to cannabis, white cross bennies, gospel music, and the colored radio station. The rest, as they say, has been history.  I left home sans grands états d’âme at fifteen to attend The Hill School, where I got a sound liberal and further pharmaceutical education in my head and more guitar under my belt. I indulged in two undergraduate degrees, one in languages and literature and the second (later in life) in law; as well as American and English post-graduate degrees in economics. I describe myself as an economist and lawyer.

For twenty years I have split my time between New York, Vienna, and Paris with professional, personal, and artistic interests in each. I also spend a great deal of time in Brussels for the European Commission. It is ironic, since the Diatribes are Berlin-based, that I only go to Berlin occasionally for band work and opera.

Also ironic, for a musician considered somewhat cosmopolitan, my favorite artists are the likes of Roy Acuff, Grandpa Jones, Uncle Dave Macon, and the Happy Goodman Family. I am a big Freddy Fender fan, too.  Don't get me started on Marty Robbins.

I am fond of a glass; if in New York I can usually be found in the early evening at Pomodoro Rosso on the Upper West Side; if in Vienna at Café Goldegg close to the Hauptbahnhof, and if in Paris at Bar du Marché in St. Germain. In Brussels, my local is Monk at Place St. Catherine.

I have never owned an automobile or a television but have been seduced by Youtube, which allows me to watch Heckle and Jeckle and Mighty Mouse cartoons followed by a Tim McCoy western.