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The Diatribes, a Berlin-based classic rock trio, were born in the late 1990s of the collaboration between Landis MacKellar (guitar, harmonica, vocals) from the 1980s New York Fast Folk crowd and Steve Ney (bass), a survivor of the West Berlin and London indie scenes. Adam Weisman, a prominent New Music percussionist and presumptively the only rock drummer to have played under Leonard Bernstein and Sir George Solti as well as with Lou Reed and Frank Zappa, was the final ingredient. Lurking behind the board and contributing fancy guitar work since the beginning is producer Michael O’Ryan, a long-surviving member of the Nina Hagen organization.

The classic rock trio revolves around MacKellar's songwriting, Ney's sense of arrangement, and Weisman's sophisticated touch – think Howie Wyeth from the Rolling Thunder tour with much more kick. While they are rarely heard live, the Diatribes’ easygoing manner and zero-tech approach have attracted a loyal core of followers in Berlin, Vienna, and Stockholm, the cities where they are musically most at home. Their material, which ranges from hard core to lounge jazz with truck driving music and historical ballads along the way, boils down to a profound dismissal of human perfectibility. Among the Diatribes standards on this new compilation of their last five years’ worth of studio work in Berlin are crowd faves such as “The Belle of Beirut” (about a terrorist bombing), “Betrayed, Deceived, and Confused” (a samba), “Blood (the Murderer’s Song),” and the least convincing paean to intimacy ever written, “What a Great Love We’ve Got.” As Lenny Bruce once said, “Fun antics!”



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